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Low-pressure electric sprayer

Pump model

  KSNL 1400

Pump type


Impeller pump, radial piston as flexible impeller (positive-displacement pump)



Delivery pump for Mirasan® products

Drive power


min. 0.37 KW


  1400 U/min.

Protection rating

  IP 54

Intake capacity


max. 7 m, up to approx. 3 m dry, self-priming

Delivery capacity


max. 15 litres/min (unpressurised), depending on speed



approx. 30 metres



max. 3 bar

Dry running


max. 60 seconds

Pump head materials


Casing, cover, side panels and shaft made from 1.4571 stainless steel, impeller Neoprene, radial shaft seal Viton

The pump is suitable for use with Mirasan® TWR - Green and Neutral, and with the additive Ferro-Plus. Mixing tank included.

Instructions for use


No pump suction:


No pump pressure:


24 months from invoice date for manufacturing defects. The warranty does not cover wear parts. The warranty will be invalidated by incorrect usage or unauthorised repairs carried out during the warranty period.