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Water System Treatment and Production of Formulated Chemicals

Schermann  GmbH.  has  forty years of experience  in  water  system  treatment  and  production  of formulated chemicals. Our clients include most of the big cities and small towns in Austria. Furthermore Schermann GmbH. has been active in the treatment of cooling towers as well as treating humidifier chambers of centralized air condition systems with Rovil since 1985. Since 2000 Schermann GmbH. has been the general distributor for Sewerin measurement devices used to find leakages in water and gas tubes.

Watersystem Treatment

  • Treatment of cooling towers
  • Legionella prophylaxes and treatment
  • Treatment of humidifier chambers in centralized air conditions
  • Disinfecting of drinking water wells
  • Disinfecting of drinking water tubes
  • Chemical cleaning and disinfecting of drinking water reservoirs
  • Installation and monitoring of permanent chlorine dosing stations
  • Leakage Detection

Production of formulated chemicals

  • Mirasan TWR/Grün: Cleaning agent for drinking water  plants.
  • Ferro Plus: Cleaning agent for drinking water plants with strong Iron and manganese scaling.
  • Mirasan BR: For regeneration of drinking water wells
  • Mirasan Perox: Environment kind disinfectant based upon Hydrogen peroxide
  • Rovil KL: Disinfectant, inhibitor, water hardness stabilizer and Algizid for cooling systems
  • Roclean: Acid free cleaning agent for cooling systems
  • Mirasan KL: Dissolvent for scale in cooling systems with an inhibiting agent