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Ferro Plus

Additive for Mirasan®TWR, BR and Green for iron and manganese deposits


Iron and manganese deposits on walls and pipes in drinking water tanks are dissolved by the oxygen-reducing action of Ferro Plus. The use of Ferro Plus avoids the need for manual scrubbing with brushes.


Completely dissolve 1 can of Ferro Plus in 5 litres of water and add to the stock solution. Full details of the tank cleaning process can be found in the work instructions supplied with the Mirasan® product.


Ferro Plus does not dilute the Mirasan® product. It is a high-quality additive, the characteristics of which extend the use of Mirasan® products.

General information

If Ferro Plus is stored unopened in its original container, its full effectiveness is retained even after 3 to 5 years. If only part of the contents is used, seal the can again tightly and use within 12 months.

However, once Ferro Plus has been dissolved in water and added to the stock solution, its shelf life is limited to 5 days. The solution will turn brown to black in colour, after which it must not be used.


Disposable plastic can - exempted from ARA requirements under licence no. 4575