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What is ROVIL-KL?

The following 10 paragraphs will let you know:

  1. ROVIL-KL is used as a disinfectant and preservative in humidifying chambers of air conditioning systems and in cooling towers. It is characterized by its wide range of applications.
  2. ROVIl-KL is particularly effective against lime deposits (up to 30°dH) and thus prevents incrustations and accretions.
  3. ROVIL-KL removes already existing layers of lime
  4. ROVIL-KL can be used in concentrations between 0,025% and 0,1% depending on  water  hardness;  e.  g.  decarbonized  water  with  approximately 5°dH=0,05%.
  5. ROVIL-KL is effective against algae, fungi, gram-positive and gram-negative bac- teria, slime bacteria and legionella pneumophila. Enclosed please find the relevant expert opinions by the Institute for Hygiene, Vienna, Professor Flamm, and by the Federal Testing Institution for Bacterio- logy and Serology, docent Wewalka, in wich the bacteria existing in humdifying  chambers  and  the  respective  application  concentrations have been mentioned.
  6. ROVIL-KL does not foam and has a very good dispersing and cleaning effect. For example, it is no problem to clean heavily polluted honeycomb-type humidfiers (lime, slime, etc.) and restore them to operating condition.
  7. ROVIL-KL contains corrosion inhibitors and is compatible with all materials used in air conditioning and in cooling towers.
  8. ROVIL-KL is non-toxic and due to its vapor pressure (under 1 mbar) it is not vola- tile, i.e. it cannot be detected in the ambient air.
  9. ROVIL-KL is environment-friendly thanks to its low application concentration (0,025% – 0,1%) and chemical composition. Furthermore, it is bio- degradable.
  10. ROVIL-KL is an AUSTRIAN QUALITY PRODUCT and it is the only one awarded the “GOLDEN A” Quality Certificate for this field of application! In order to  guarantee  its  effectiveness,  it  has  been  and  will  be  subject  to frequent tests by public testing institutions.



Organic biocides, lime stabilizer, inhibitor, auxiliary substances.


Protects against corrosion, stabilizes water hardness, has good dispersion properties, minimizes deposits and accretions, odorless, non-volatile, non foaming, biodegradable.


Effective against gram positive and gram negative germs, algicidal and fungicidal, especially effective against legionellae.


Application Concentration:

0.025 – 0.1%.


Material Compatibility:

The ready-for-use solution is compatible with all materials used in heating, air conditions, cooling-towers and green houses.

Use plastc tube for concentrate handling.



Irritates the eyes, sensibilization is possible after skin contact.


Safety Advice:

Avoid contact with eyes and skin. In case of such contact, rinse eyes with much water and see a doctor.



Absorb with absorber material and burn in a suitable burning plant with smoke-gas absorption.